New York City's First Private COVID Rehab Clinic Open at H&D Midtown

Pulmonary Wellness Foundation’s COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Center at
H&D Physical Therapy Opens as Coronavirus Pandemic Rises In 2020

H&D Physical Therapy is proud to host the first coronavirus rehabilitation facility in the state, treating "long-haulers" who continue to suffer from the aftereffects of the COVID-19 virus months after contraction.

The Pulmonary Wellness Foundation (PWF), a New York City-based nonprofit organization whose team has been treating cardiovascular, pulmonary and complex medical patients for nearly three decades, announced the opening of its new COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Clinic at H&D Physical Therapy located at 815 Second Avenue between East 43rd and East 44th Streets in Manhattan.

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Staying active during the winter months is important for mental and physical health.  An estimated 10 million skiers and snowboarders will make over 50 million visits to ski resorts across the United States in 2021. However not everyone is prepared for the rigorous physical demands that these sports place on the body.  You may be fit and workout regularly, but you still need to prepare your body for the biomechanics of Alpine sports to avoid soreness or injury.


  • Importance of pre-season 'sports specific' strength and conditioning
  • Use of appropriate gear and equipment
  • Strength conditioning program designed for both skiers and snowboarders
  • Self-test you can take to assess your readiness to start the ski/snowboard season

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2019 Medicare Top Performer

In 2019, H&D Physical and Occupational Therapy achieved a top-quality rehabilitation provider rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services with a score of 99 out of 100 points.