General Announcement

To protect H&D staff, patients, and clients from the spread of Coronavirus, we have been offering significantly reduced office hours supplemented by Home Visits and our New TeleHealth and TeleWellness services.

As we gradually expand our office hours to better serve the needs of those who require in-person care, we will be implementing strict new policies and procedures in accordance with NYS Department of Health law and World Health Organization guidelines.

Office Hour & Procedural Updates:

  • Midtown clinic hours: Mon-Thurs 930am-4pm starting May 18th.
  • 88th St is is open: Mon-Wed 8am-4pm; T and Thur 9am-5pm; and, Fridays 12noon-4pm.
  • Clinicians will be increasing their treatment hours and days in clinic as safely as possible.
  • While 88th St. and Yorkville have been open for essential services, Midtown's reopening represents forward movement towards a renewed normalcy.
  • Please read our blog post outlining in detail our COVID safety policies going forward (dated May 17, 2020).
hdpt may 18th announcement


The healthiest thing we can do right now, to stop the spread of the virus, is to stay home. To supplement and adapt to this new way of healthy living, we are hosting new clinic office hours, TeleHealth, TeleWellness, Home Visits, and other options to encourage the best lifestyle we can during this "new normal."

Our physical therapists will help you reduce pain and bring back the joy of movement

NYC's leading physical therapy clinic since 1997

We believe that in order to reach your goals, you need one-on-one time with your own personal therapist.  Our approach of combining highly skilled therapy with closely monitored personalized care has been widely recognized.  H&D has been chosen as the sole provider of therapy services for 10 fortune 500 companies.

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H&D Onsite

H&D provides onsite physical therapy services for employers with at least 500 employees. Our clients include Barclays, Paul Weiss, Prudential, RBS, UBS, and White & Case.