We all know how great exercise is for your health. But what if you're concerned about balance? What if you're worried about falling?

Join H&D vestibular physical therapists, Justin Ettinger, MSPT and Oliwia Juszczyk, DPT and Strategy Fitness wellness and fitness expert, Sarah Cline, ACSM-CPT, RYT-200 to learn some practical ways to improve your balance and exercise safely.

The Online Balance and Exercise Class is offered on Fridays 1:30-2:30 pm through Zoom. The cost is free!

The class consists of stretching, strengthening, self-massage, breathing, meditation, and balance exercises. The only required piece of equipment is a chair (for sitting and touch purposes in case you feel like you’re losing balance). Helpful items to have on-hand are exercise bands and light weights (soup cans are a good alternative if you do not have weights).

It is recommended to perform the class barefoot to better feel the ground or with supportive sneakers for safety. Socks, slippers, or sandals are discouraged so you do not slip. Since this is a group class, not every exercise may be appropriate or safe for you. Feel free to rest or ask for a modification, as needed.

Justin Ettinger, MSPT

Oliwia Juszczyk, DPT

H&D Balance Class (2)

Sarah Cline, ACSM-CPT, RYT-200