Unlock the potential of your body and mind with our comprehensive Pilates program. At H&D Physical Therapy, we believe in the transformative power of Pilates to enhance strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our dedicated instructors are here to guide you on your Pilates journey.

One-on-one sessions with seasoned Kinected instructors begin with a comprehensive assessment to learn about your body and your goals, and then utilize a diverse array of methods to help you achieve them. Start by tapping into your body's innate intelligence with your Kinected team, who bring a wealth of knowledge about the human body to help you strengthen, mobilize, rehabilitate, prevent future injury, and create balance from head to toe. To get you started, all instructors are offering 30-minute free consultations for all current H&D Physical Therapy Upper East Side patients.

Meet Our Instructors

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Mariann Doherty Conlon

Senior Instructor

Availability - Wednesdays, 9:00am - 3:00pm

Mariann possesses a vast knowledge of anatomy, body mechanics, wellness, holistic health, nutrition and mindfulness. She has gathered this knowledge as a Registered Nurse, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Holistic Health Coach, and Mindfulness Mentor. Mariann became certified by the Kinected School of Core Integration to teach both comprehensive therapeutic Mat Pilates and Equipment Pilates. Mariann discovered classical Pilates 12 years ago and enjoyed the core strength and muscle lengthening a regular practice provided. Recently, a chronic shoulder condition and an acute Achilles injury landed her in a surgeon’s office. Mariann elected to decline a surgical fix but instead embarked on a journey of Functional Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Pilates and Mindful living. During that journey of healing, Mariann became convinced that her passion for sharing wellness, mindfulness and healing could best be shared with others by teaching the Kelly Kane Therapeutic Pilates Method.

Matt McCulloch

Kinected Co-Founder

Availability - Mondays, 8:30am - 3:00pm

Matt McCulloch is an educator of fitness and movement professionals, co-founder of Kinected and co-director of the Kane School as well as co-director of the FAMI and FAMI – Level Two workshops. A classically trained dancer, he began studying Pilates over 20 years ago to rehabilitate a knee injury following 4 separate knee surgeries. He is trained in both original and contemporary approaches and over the past 15 years, he has educated hundreds of fitness professionals. Matt’s passion for movement and pilates has been the resource for creating many workshops and teaching tools for movement professionals. These workshops emphasize proper biomechanics and creative progressions and modifications based on the original Pilates repertoire. The wide range of workshops he has created are designed to focus on various injuries, joint replacements, additional orthopedic injuries, and special populations such as the young athlete with developmental issues as well as neurological issues.

Joana Meneses

Senior Instructor

Availability - Fridays, 8:30am to 1:30pm

Joana’s motto is simple. “No breath or movement wasted.” As a 20+ year full-time Fitness Pro, she strives to combine movement in ways that make you forget you’re working. You have enough jobs. To her, movement is poetry and every BODY should have the honor of writing it’s own. Always grateful, but endlessly hungry for growth and new challenges, she invests in her craft by seeking out and training with the top coaches in the fitness & wellness industry. Her goal is to teach all she’s learned to every class and client, regardless of level of experience, how to move safely and efficiently. She continues to evolve to effortlessly layer basic anatomical principles with every posture through intelligent individual regressions and progressions. Clients are not only left balanced between strength and stretch but most importantly, left connected, educated and injury-free.

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Why Choose Kinected Pilates?

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Expert Instruction

Our certified Pilates instructors bring years of experience and expertise to every session, ensuring safe and effective workouts tailored to your needs and goals.

Personalized Approach

We tailor classes and sessions to all bodies, at all skill levels, in all periods of life, and have experience working with a wide range of injuries, conditions and life stages.

Variety of Sessions

Sessions at H&D can include work on the reformer, chair, Cadillac and ladder barrel, utilizing various props to increase proprioception and modify exercises when needed.

Kinected Pilates at H&D Physical Therapy offers a unique and holistic approach to fitness and well-being. While other forms of exercise can focus solely on building muscle or improving cardiovascular health, Pilates offers a comprehensive workout that targets several areas of the body and promotes a deeper connection between the body and mind. Our programs are tailored to suit individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you're looking to tone your muscles, improve your posture, or simply enhance your quality of life, Pilates offers a multitude of benefits that can transform your body and your mindset.

Curious about Kinected’s approach? Check us out on Virtually Kinected: our virtual platform with classes, PT to Pilates exercises, workshops + more! Get a free month with code HDPHYSICALYTHERAPY.

Interested in group classes? Kinected Pilates offers group classes at our Kinected Studio location at 151 W. 19th Street, Fl 2, Chelsea, New York. From equipment to mat, we keep the size of our classes small and their impact big. Our classes draw upon a mix of movement methods including Pilates, yoga, GYROKINESIS, TRX, and MELT Method.

Our Pilates Services

Give your body incomparable attention with 1-on-1 Pilates sessions taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Our movement toolkit includes varied Pilates approaches and beyond to help you strengthen, rehab from injury or illness, increase coordination and balance, and improve your mind-body connection. These sessions take place both on and off the equipment, beginning with an assessment so we can tailor the right mix of methods for you.

Matt and Bruce

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