Jazmin, a compassionate and kindhearted Physical Therapist dedicated to enhancing the lives of her patients through personalized care. Jazmin earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Hunter College, where she honed her skills and gained invaluable experience in diverse clinical settings.
During her time at Hunter College, Jazmin immersed herself in a range of environments, including outpatient orthopedics, outpatient vestibular rehabilitation, adult acute care, and pediatric subacute care. This multifaceted exposure equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of various conditions and patient populations.
Prior to obtaining her doctoral degree, Jazmin accumulated 7 years of hands-on experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant. This experience allowed her to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds, spanning different age groups and addressing a spectrum of orthopedic conditions. Her extensive background has shaped her into a well-rounded professional with a deep appreciation for the unique needs of each patient.

With a genuine dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others, Jazmin strives to create a supportive and encouraging therapeutic environment. She is passionate about delivering individualized and compassionate care, believing that these elements are crucial in fostering the well-being of her patients.