Plastic surgery is one of the most commonly done procedures in the United States, yet many do not take steps to ensure the best possible post-surgery care. Providers do more than 15 million cosmetic surgery procedures a year. Physical therapy after any kind of surgical procedure is a necessary step to help your healing. Thankfully, at H&D Physical Therapy, we have you covered for post plastic surgery care in Tudor City. Now, we can look at how exactly physical therapy can benefit you after plastic surgery.

The Many Types of Plastic Surgery

Liposuction can often leave intense scarring and pain in your abdomen. Thankfully, we can offer a post-op massage to help you heal just right. We can drain the lymphatic nodes through deep and constant pressure, and we can drain the lymphatic nodes, which helps you with swelling and excess scar formation. After three weeks, we can help you begin light cardio workouts. This can include walking or cycling on a machine. All patients are required to wear a compress on the affected area to minimize swelling. We can ease you back into weightlifting and running two weeks after cardio begins. 

post plastic surgery care in Tudor City

Procedures and Physical Therapy

Abdominoplasty, also known as a Tummy Tuck, has a much longer recovery period than liposuction, which we can also aid you with. This is due to the restoration of weakened muscles, which creates a smoother profile on the operated area. Physical therapy should begin four days after the operation, with some of the same treatment as liposuction. We mostly focus on draining the lymph nodes and applying pressure where needed to help you regain full movement and decrease swelling. 

Unfortunately, you have to wait four weeks before the light cardio phase due to the more invasive nature. Then, exercise must be gradually built up before you are allowed to work your core again about eight weeks later. We can guide you through this extremely delicate process to prevent any unnecessary pain and swelling.

Facial cosmetic surgeries of any kind demand no physical activity for at least four weeks. Bleeding can occur due to the delicate nature of your face when blood pressure rises. This could even complicate things to the point where a second operation could be necessary. Massage therapy is helpful for lymph node drainage and to prevent bruising on your face.

Breast Augmentation or reduction requires as little use of the pectoral muscles as possible during the recovery period. It is recommended you exercise your lower body and avoid any bouncing motions or upper body exercises. We can walk you through a program that most efficiently addresses your recovery, but it is recommended that at least four weeks go by before slowly returning to normal exercises. Massage therapy is also beneficial during these procedures due to how painful the affected area can get without proper care. We can help you adapt to the implants and normalize your sensitivity much faster. 

No matter what kind of surgery you undergo, we can work with your surgeon to provide a case-by-case treatment to help prevent scar tissue, decrease swelling, restore movement, and increase circulation. Shortening your recovery period as much as possible is the goal!

Contact Us For Post Plastic Surgery Care in Tudor City

In short, physical therapy can help tremendously after any kind of surgery, including plastic surgery. Typically, cosmetic surgery recovery is a lot of rest and doctor visits, but we can help you with so much more than that. You can improve your mobility through physical therapy, ease your pain and swelling, reduce scar tissue formation on affected areas, and prevent any secondary issues from popping up. Decreased blood flow to the area you were operated on can affect healing if not adequately cared for. 

Your muscles can atrophy and weaken during the recovery period for a lot of surgeries, which can negatively affect you. Many surgeons often recommend sessions with a physical therapist. Usually, ten or more sessions of massages and ultrasound lymphatic drainage are standard! Make sure to consult your doctor and contact us if you need any post plastic surgery care in Tudor City. At H&D Physical Therapy, we are devoted to giving you the best care possible and shortening your recovery time!