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Gregory Hullstrung PT, Cert. MDT, FAFS

Partner and  Physical Therapist at Midtown & Corporate Locations

Gregory Hullstrung, PT, FAFS, Physical Therapist Partner Greg is the co-owner of H&D Physical Therapy with over 20 years of clinical experience. He has served as a lecturer in the New York Physical Therapy Assistant Program and as an adjunct Clinical Instructor at the New York University Physical Therapy Program. From 2002-2004, Greg also served as Chair of the New York Chapter of APTA. Greg was credentialed in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy by the McKenzie Institute in 2000 and became a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) with the Gray Institute in 2008. Greg also is a founding board member of the Triarq community which unites physicians, surgeons, therapists, and other health specialists. In his spare time, Greg likes hanging out with his family and watching his son play football. Greg works out of our 46 th Street location.