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Thomas Grunewald PT

Clinical Communications Director & Physical Therapist at Midtown Location

Thomas (Tom) Grunewald spent 20 years performing in nationally and internationally touring modern dance companies, performing at venues such as BAM and City Center. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1994 from Eastern Washington University in Spokane graduating magna cum laude, and moved to New York City to practice, starting at Beth Israel Hospital NY rotating through the different PT disciplines, finally with their Spine Institute. He continued his study of movement with tai chi and founded Beth Israel Medical Center’s tai chi program for seniors and others that is continued today at Society for Nanlaoshu and for H & D’s wellness program. He believes that patients who undertake a course of physical therapy are essentially taking a course in movement awareness and in life. Tom has walked the walk by taking a spectrum of continuing education, in topics as diverse as osteopathy, manual therapy, motor learning, lumbar and pelvic stabilization and tai chi. Tom provides physical therapy services and teaches Tai Chi workshops out of our 44 th St. (3rd Ave) location.

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