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Maya J. Foley, DPT, PT, CPI, HHC, RYT

Physical Therapy  / Yoga / Pilates / Ayurveda

Physical Therapist at Upper East Side Location

Maya J. Foley, DPT, PT, CPI, HHC, RYT Physical Therapy/Yoga/Pilates/Ayurveda Physical Therapist at Upper East Side Location Maya is a New York State licensed Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Registered Yoga Therapist, Polestar Certified Pilates Instructor, and an Ayurvedic Holistic Health Coach. She graduated with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy in 2002 from Columbia University, and received her Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2013 from Temple University. She is a holistic practitioner who does one-on-one manual therapy, combined with Yoga and Pilates, with an emphasis on treating the whole person, using Ayurvedic healing recommendations, which focuses on healthy living, with therapeutic measures that relate to physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Maya has a wide variety of clinical experiences in outpatient sports medicine practices, hospitals, and rehab centers since 2000. She has worked with a diverse patient population including athletes, and pre and post-surgical patients. She has taken extensive yearly continuing education courses with the Institute of Physical Arts, Maitland, and Mulligan, as well as attended numerous conferences since 2000. During her free time, she enjoys yoga, running, hiking, rock climbing, Ayurvedic cooking, reading and volunteering. She has worked the medical tent for the Brooklyn half marathon, and the New York City Marathon. She has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. She also speaks Spanish, French, and Malayalam.

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