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Caesar Cantone PT, LAc, MS

Physical Therapist at Upper East Side & Corporate Locations

Caesar is a board certified physical therapist and acupuncturist in the state of New York. His treatment approach emphasises the use of functional exercises and successfully integrates the philosophies of both Eastern and Western Medicine in the treatment of common and complex musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Caesar creates custom, comprehensive, patient centered rehabilitation programs for all his patients and is especially focused on treating orthopedic conditions of the spine and extremities. Over the years he has become increasingly drawn toward exercises focusing on balance, core control, and internal stability. In addition, his independent studies in the Russian Martial Arts stand apart from other conventional training models because of its strong emphasis on breath control, reflex conditioning and the psychology of exercise. In addition to acupressure, tender point release and other advanced manual skills employed within the branch of Chinese Physical Therapy called Tui Na, Caesar favors the gentle joint alignment methods of the Mulligan Technique and is a Certified Mulligan Practioner. Caesar contributes to the HD Blog and is an avid artist and screenwriter.

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